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Once you've opened this, nothing bad can ever happen to you from chain letters again for your whole lifetime. So next time you see some stupid chain letter that says you're gonna die or get hurt or get cursed or have bad sex, it won't affect you, even if you do the exact opposite of what it says!!!!! Once you repost this, you're free from all that shit!

Whattayaknow, it's one I'm actually willing to 'forward' (but no, I'm not going to go emailing it to everyone -- note that the instructions do say "repost", not "email to N of your friends"). I got this from jmthane.

Note that even if you feel silly reposting this (in which case why don't you feel silly forwarding them to me in email?), the first line says, "Once you've opoened this [...]", so you're already protected by clicking on the cut-tag or following a link to this entry.

There. Now you have an out ... and no longer have an excuse. So if you violate your ISP's TOS and put your account at risk to send me a chain letter, it had better be a damned funny one. And "Good Sex" doesn't count 'cause I've seen that one already.

Tags: randomness

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